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              Canons and Fugues

  (Billings) By the waters of Babylon + (Zethmayr) French Horntwister
SDT Jun'14 (1p)

  (Billings) When Jesus Wept + Hektor Protector
                        SDT Jun'14 (1p)

  (Praetorius) Fuga a 3 from Terpsichore  (English, DZ tr.)  
                        SDT Jun'14 (2pp)

  (Praetorius) Fuga a 3 from Terpsichore  (German)  
                        SDT Jun'14 (2pp)

  (Ravenscroft; Tallis) Three Blinde Mice; Tallis' Canon  
                        SDT Jun'14 (1p)

  (Zethmayr) If you never - Canon  
                        SDT Jun'14 (1p)

  (Zethmayr) Mira la luna - Canon  
                        SDT Jun'14 (1p)

              Russian & Ukrainian Liturgical

  Blessed be the Name of the Lord, #5   (Bortniansky)
                        SN Mar'14 ed2 (60 KB)

  Joyous Torch [phos 'ilaron]  (DZ ed.)   (Dvoretsky)
                        SN Mar'14 (115 KB)

  Memory Eternal   (trad. in Greek; in Russian)
                        SN Mar'14 ed2 (110 KB)

  A Mystery Strange [Christmas]   (Slav. trad)
                        SN Feb'14 (95 KB)

  'Neath the Cross of Jesus [Stabat Mater, short]   (Ukr. trad)(DZ ed.3)  
                        SN Mar'14 (142 KB)

  Save Us o Son of God  (DZ ed.4)   (Byz. trad)
                        SN Mar'14 (1 pg)

"SN" — slantnote transcriptions. Key signatures in both DT style and sharps-&-flats style.

"DT" — non-slantnote engravings with DT markup superimposed.

"SDT" — slantnote transcriptions with DT markup integrated.

"__c" — DT markup in color.

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