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The sheet music here shows domino-tonic (DT) markup on Byzantine liturgical music.

"OV" files are conventional monoslant notation from imported engraving, with DT markup overlaid.

"SL" files are slantnote transcriptions (for precise intervallic reading on the same five-line staves), with DT markup.

All files are PDF.

            ========= ferial ==========

  Anaphora, Meena (16A)  
                        OV v2 12Jan'14 (790 KB)

  Great Ektenia, Polyglot; Voss  (DZ ed.)  
                        SL v2 19Jan'14 (63 KB)

            ========= group festal ==========

  As many as have been baptized into Christ  
                        OV 2Jan'14 (250 KB)

            ========= particular festal ==========

  Annunciation, Kondak(A)
                        OV 19Jan'14 (275 KB)

  Annunciation, Th.Megalynarion(B) (SATB)
                        OV 19Jan'14 (300 KB)

  Theophany Set (below), without "As Many"  
                        OV 11Jan'14 (2.5 MB)
  Theophany, 2nd Antiphon (A; B ossia)  
                        OV (440 KB)

  Theophany, Entrance  
                        OV 2Jan'14 (520 KB)

  Theophany, Tropar(C)
                        OV v3, 3Jan'14 (300 KB)

  Theophany, Kondak(A)
                        OV 2Jan'14 (260 KB)

  Theophany, Communion
                        OV 2Jan'14 (1.0 MB)

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