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The Hearing Health Awareness logo is dedicated to the public.

The embedded fortune-cookie flower is to suggest the delicacy of our exquisite hearing organs. Normally, they are born with a greater dynamic range (quiet to loud) than any microphone yet invented can capture.

Ratchet Effect

There is a ratchet effect to hearing loss over the years. Loud sounds damage the ears slightly each time we expose them to the soundspaces we have created—from the slapping of boards in the hardwood warehouse to the innocent-looking earbuds on our MP3 players. The damage from each is the same, and your hearing never grows back.

Your children need better advice about this. They may easily squander their future ability to hear by not knowing how to adjust earbud volume, and by not wearing earplugs to that multi-megawatt rock concert.

There are hearing protection devices that allow full-spectrum enjoyment of music. I don't sell them; you can find them.

And if you want to hear a real rock concert, quiet your mind and listen to a real rock.

Your fortune-cookie reads, "Listen to a real rock concert."

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