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(p5) Plain 5-line Edition
(mu5) Slant Markup on 5-Line Edition
(sn5) Slantnote on 5-Line Edition
(rails) Slantnote on Rails Edition
(__K) KeyShmee chording (K-tonic)
(__N) Nashville chording (1-tonic)
(__M) modal chording (x-tonic)

Compositions by David Zethmayr

Solo Voice, adult audience

Ben Hall   ballad   pdf(sn5)

The Bogle Bo, Double-Dip Version   (in minor)   pdf(railsN)

Gel-Cote Justice / a Georgia Casualty   pdf(sn5 E-blues)

Solo Voice, children with longer attention

Beautiful Blue   allegorical ballad   pdf(sn5)

The Cremation of Sam McGee   text: Robert W. Service   pdf sn5N)   pdf(railsN)

The Cremation of Sam McGee  page 1, blank accomp, treble A min   pdf(page1)

The Green Fiddler   poem by Rachel Field   pdf(sn5)

Joy, Come and Fill (Andy Freude's Blues)   nods to Schiller and Beethoven   pdf(sn5)

Music on the Open Mike   pdf(sn5N)       pdf(sn5M)
  pdf(railsN)   pdf(railsM)

Old Mother Hubbard   pdf(railsK&C)

Taters and Maters     pdf(sn5   pdf(sn5M)   pdf(railsN)   pdf(railsM)

Solo Voice, all ages audience

The Fox Went Out   optional 2 instruments: bridge, coda   pdf(sn5M)

Waltzing With Bears   words by Dr Seuss (Ted Geisel)   pdf(sn5)   pdf(rails)

Children's Choral

A-ca-PPenguins Fly, Fly   2-part a cappella   pdf(sn5)

A mi Burro (My Burro Has a Headache)   a cappella, unison, two short solos   pdf(sn5)

Bate, Bate el Chocolate (Whip, Whip the Chocolate)   2-part stretto canon   pdf(sn5)

Do You Mongle When You Mingle?   2-part a cappella   pdf(rails)

Don't Tell A Secret   2-part a cappella   pdf(sn5)

French Horntwister   5-part canon   pdf(rails)

If You Never   2-part canon; a cappella   pdf(mu5)   pdf(sn5)

Mira la Luna   3-part canon   pdf(sn5)

Mountains in the Fog   3-part a cappella   pdf(sn5)

Whale Names   2-part a cappella with spoken solos   pdf(sn5)


©2010, 2011 David Zethmayr

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