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Folk editions
Key-free chording (Nashville or modal).   Large print on most.

(tx)             text
(tx_)           chords on text
(plain5)      5-line notation, plain
(markup5)     slant markup on 5-line
(sn5)          slantnote on 5-line
(rails)         slantnote on rails (key-free vocal)
(___N)         Nashville chord notation
(___N~)         Nashville Z-mode notation
(___M)         modal chord notation (only when other than major)
Ach! Du lieber Augustin/ Did Ye Ever See a Lassie     pdf( tx)
The Blue-tail Fly     pdf( tx)
The Big Rock Candy Mountain     pdf( rails)
Bile 'Em Cabbage Down     pdf( rails)
The Bogle Bo (Foggy Dew ver.)     pdf( railsN)
The (Double-Dippin') Bogle Bo (Bonnie Ship Diamond ver.)     pdf( tx)
The Bonnie Ship the Diamond     pdf( sn5)     pdf( rails)
The Boothbay Whale (Maine)     pdf( rails)
Charlie Is My Darling     pdf( tx)
Cindy, Cindy     pdf( railsN)
Clear the Track (Let the Bullgine Run)     pdf( rails)
Did Ye Ever See a Lassie / Ach! Du lieber Augustin     pdf( tx)
The Derby Ram     pdf( rails)
Down The Road     pdf( txN)
The Erie Canal     pdf( tx)
Ferryland Sealer (Newfoundland)     pdf( rails)
The Galway Piper     pdf( sn5)       pdf( rails)
Golden Slippers     pdf( tx)
Jamaica Farewell     pdf( txN)
Jane, Jane     pdf( rails)
Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho pdf( tx)
Li'l 'Liza Jane     pdf( rails)
Linden Lea     pdf( rails)
Mama Don't (Al)low No ... 'Round Here     pdf( rails)
The Midnight Special     pdf( rails)
The Old Chisholm Trail     pdf( sn5N)       pdf( rails)
Orientis Partibus (Advent carol)     pdf( rails)
Poor Lazarus     pdf( sn5)       pdf( rails)
The Portland County Jail     pdf( rails)
Put'n' On the Style     pdf( rails)
St James Infirmary     pdf( rails)
Shenandoah     pdf( tx)
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child     pdf( sn5N)
There is a Tavern in the Town       pdf( rails)
Those Were the Days       pdf( txEmi)     pdf( txAmi)     pdf( txN~)
Tom Dooley     pdf( tx)
The Whistling Gypsy Rover       pdf( sn5G)     pdf( sn5N)     pdf( railsG)     pdf( railsN)
The Wonderful Crocodile       pdf( sn5N)    
PDF files here were generated with doPDF, a critically useful product to me who live outside the range of affordable broadband. Later, after the switch to Linux, ps2pdf has given the equivalent small filesize advantage.


David Zethmayr

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